Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales

I have created the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS), to measure the resourceful and less-resourceful characteristics of each of the nine personality styles described by the Enneagram.

To take the WEPSS, you simply rate 200 words or phrases on a 5-point scale. The inventory generates a Total score, a Resourceful score, and a Less-Resourceful score for each style. The results are expressed as percentile scores based on a sample of 1429 people. The reliability and validity of the WEPSS meet professional testing standards.

The WEPSS is the only Enneagram inventory reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook, the recognized handbook in the testing field. “The WEPSS’s greatest appeal and widest use seems to lie in the context of Enneagram workshops, aimed at self-understanding and growth. With this in mind, it offers an attractive alternative to more traditional instruments that have as their primary function the identification of personality and emotional disorders. The author’s efforts to use quantitative psychometric tools to refine and evaluate an instrument inspired by a clearly humanistic or even mystic tradition are praiseworthy; too often, something as esoteric as Enneagram theory would be dismissed as outside the realm of such methods.

The WEPSS represents a praiseworthy effort to “cross the divide” between quantitative-based mainstream psychometric approaches and less mainstream “interpretive approaches” to personality. The appeal that the WEPSS offers is a rich, “thick description” of test results very similar in texture to that provided by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The author may be forgiven if the interpretations and structure of the test (based upon Enneagram theory) are not yet adequately confirmed by empirical studies. The instrument offers a wide range of hypotheses waiting to be tested; further empirical confirmation of the WEPSS’s validity and reliability will very probably draw more careful attention to it as a viable alternative to mainstream personality tests, especially among psychologists and therapists exploring such issues within a spiritual or humanistic framework.” (The Fifteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook. Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, 2003.)

The WEPSS can be taken online for $10 at www.WEPSS.com.

The four-page computer generated report gives

  • your core Enneagram style
  • your preferred wing style
  • what you find easy to do and what you find difficult to do and so may avoid
  • how you may have learned this style
  • what may happen to you under stressful and secure conditions
  • how you can be more in balance

Instructions for taking the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS) Online

1) When you purchase a testcode, you will receive an e-mail with instructions that also contain an 8-character testcode, or, you may receive your testcode from someone else who purchased a testcode for you. If you purchased a testcode, be sure to check the inbox and Spam folder for your Primary PayPal email address, as that is where our automated system sends your instructions and testcode(s). If you do not have a PayPal account, then it will be sent to the email address that PayPal requires you to provide, for your receipt from them.

2) In order to take the WEPSS test, you must FIRST REGISTER for a free account. Go to www.wepss.com and click on the word REGISTER. There you will enter your e-mail and click the button that says, “E-Mail me a Registration Link”.

3) You will then receive an e-mail with a link inside that you must click on, to continue with your WEPSS.com account registration. If you do not receive the email, be sure to check your SPAM folder. These steps are necessary to make sure your test results go to the correct e-mail address.

4) Your e-mail address will already be filled in:

Fill in the rest of the information requested and make up your own password. This is not the same as your test code. You do not need your testcode until you get to the test itself.

5) Once you fill out your information, click the Register button, after which you should see a confirmation that your account has been created. Click the green Log In link in the menu, and use your email and password to log in.

6) You will now be on your Account Details page which includes your personal information and test code(s) (if you purchased them from WEPSS directly, or if someone assigned one to you to use). You can click on an un-used test code to start a test, or, you can click where it says, “Logging in to take the test? Click Here!” to go to the test itself where you can copy/paste in other test codes.

7) There you will be asked to enter the Test Code you received in your e-mail. It is best to copy and paste the code since a zero may look like an uppercase o, or an uppercase i may look like a lowercase L.

There are 200 items. When you select your answer, you will be automatically forwarded to the next question. The definitions of the words or phrases can be found by putting your cursor over the black circle with a white question mark in it.

You must complete the 200 items at one sitting in less than an hour and a half, or else your answers will not be saved and you will need to start over.

When you answer the last question, click the Score Test button and you will either receive your test results in your e-mail inbox, or it will go to the e-mail inbox of the person who sent you the test code, if that is what they requested when they purchased the testcode.

Only click the Score Test button once. If you click it twice, you may get the error message that the test code has already been used. Actually it was just used – by you!