Jerome Wagner, Ph. D.

Jerome Wagner, Ph. D.

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist. I’ve taught graduate courses in psychotherapy to clinical psychology and pastoral counseling students at Loyola University, Chicago and I’ve supervised students in their therapy practicum.

In my own therapy practice I see individuals ages 21 and up for counseling and coaching.

After 35+ years as a psychotherapist and teacher I’ve come to appreciate the wisdom found in various therapeutic models. So I’ve developed an integrative approach. I believe it’s important to tailor therapy to the needs of each unique individual.

Our past, present, and future all influence our choices and behaviors. So I find it helpful to put on trifocals to see where we’re at, how we got here, and where we want to go.

As individuals we are unfolding in our own unique way and I believe there is an inner wisdom that leads us to who we are and what we really desire. From time to time we get disconnected from ourselves and need to get back in touch with our real self; or we get disconnected from others and need to reconnect with their real selves.

As social beings our interpersonal relationships are vital to our well-being and happiness. Ideally our interpersonal style helps us connect with others; occasionally it gets in the way of our relationships.

People have found the Enneagram personality system a useful tool for understanding themselves and their relationships. If you would like to learn your Enneagram style or use the insights of the Enneagram to build on your strengths and change some of your not-so-helpful patterns, or for understanding and interacting with important people in your life, call 847-400-6507 or e-mail to schedule an online or phone consultation. Payments for these services can be made through PayPal.

My office is located at 2755 Lincolnwood Dr., Evanston, IL 60201.  I have weekday, evening, and weekend hours and I accept several insurance plans.